Tinder is awesome!

Posted by on 20th Oct 2017

Tinder is awesome!

I'm quite a shy guy. Hitting girls on bars is something I could never do, with my self esteem :/

I've also avoided any kind of dating services because I thought it takes a huge effort to be successful in them. But no. Tinder is effortless.

All you need to do is to find a couple of photos of yourself, maybe smiling, maybe not, and put them to your profile, write an honest profile text of what you're looking for and off you go. In one hour of swiping you can get a couple of matches already. And on the following days you're almost guaranteed to get a couple of maches daily also. Since the photos are the main reason to get liked or not, some good photos of course help. But I had just some random snapshots and it was enough. There are so many users for Tinder that some girls like who you seem to be as is.

Tinder is a game.

If one of your matches you've talked with unmatches you, you lose all the discussion history with that person and she's totally gone. So there's no point in dragging a dead conversation for ages, just get a new match and start from a fresh slate :)

There was a good article on internet that showed how a girl's Tinder usually looks like. There can be over 50 accepted matches waiting in line to talk with her, but 50% of them have said nothing, 36% were "hey / hi / what's up" and only 14% were unique discussion starters. It doesn't have to be even anything good, just something that gets the discussion going from the first message, not waiting the girl to get back to you.

I had a wonderful 3-hour long almost real-time chatting session with one girl when I started with "What is happiness to you?"

In Tinder women are the ones who choose and men merely accepts the will of the women. If you've noticed, for men, the match happens immediately when you swipe 'like', immediately. For women, they choose and then they need to wait until the man accepts the invitation by liking the girl. This is the reason why it's so popular amongst men to simply hit the like button rapidly without worrying about who he likes, and only after collecting the matches he sees the match list and talks straight to the matches he likes and ignores the rest.

I'll update this post when I know more, bye.